STEM Scholarship Fall 2017 Winner
SimpliSafe Scholars
Vrinda Madan
Vrinda is a recent high school graduate who will be attending Princeton University in the fall. There she plans to pursue a degree in bioengineering. Over the last few years, Vrinda dedicated much of her time to researching Malaria, and has showcased a true passion for science. We wish Vrinda the best of luck at school, and look forward to seeing great things from her.
Why did you choose to study Malaria?
I have been doing independent research ever since I was in seventh grade, starting off with projects relating to water quality. Then, in ninth grade, I took AP Biology where I was introduced to the fascinating world of DNA, proteins, and cells. Immediately, I was hooked and was hungry for more. The following year, I applied for the research program at my school and was matched with a mentor at UCF who was conducting malaria research. I absolutely fell in love with the world of molecular biology research. It was incredible to be able to take what I had learned in class and actually apply it towards something that can potentially help millions.
Who is your greatest inspiration?
To be honest, I don't have just one person who I can consider as my "greatest inspiration." Rather, I like to draw inspiration from those around me because I believe that everyone has specific attributes that are admirable. Plus, I like the idea how everyone, no matter how ordinary, can serve as an inspiration--even if it's in the smallest of ways. Specifically, I look up to people who possess grit, perseverance, empathy, kindness, altruism, work ethic, to name a few.
What is your biggest goal at Princeton?
My biggest goal at Princeton is to really delve headfirst into all of the opportunities that it has to offer. I want to explore a wide variety of interests and wish to push myself out of my comfort zone--whether that is taking a variety of classes, talking to people with different views, or visiting unique places. I hope that my educational path takes many twists and turns that allow me to have a fuller appreciation of the world.
Which class are you most excited for this year?
I haven't solidified my schedule yet, but I am really excited to take Chinese! When I was visiting Princeton, I sat in on a Chinese class and it was absolutely amazing; there were only eight students in the class and the professor made sure to include all of them in her engaging lectures. I have heard that it is a difficult course, but also that it is well worth the effort. Hopefully, in the coming years, I will also have the opportunity to visit China and practice my skills.