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We currently offer a scholarship for students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs. We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2018 semester. The application deadline is May 31st 2018, after which we will review applications. Winners will be announced in the summer of 2018. The next deadline will be November 30, 2018. 
STEM Scholarship
Essay Requirements
Each application requires an essay submission that allows each applicant a chance to showcase their accomplishments and will give the judges a sense of who they are.
The essay should include a story about the greatest achievement of your life in relation to STEM OR a story about the moment you became interested in your chosen STEM field.
The essay should be under 500 words.
Essay should be unique and engaging. 
Judging Criteria
Each judge from SimpliSafe will assign a score out of ten for each criteria for each applicant. The scores will be added and the winner will be chosen based on the highest score.
 Application criteria:
Demonstration of passion for chosen STEM field
Quality of written response
Completed application form